We are an international network of scholars, at all career levels, thinking about the nature of academic forms. We organise (roughly) monthly online meetings and also plan in-person activities to discuss the topic.

The more academic version of our reason for being goes something along the lines of:

Today the humanities struggle to operate within the binds of old and conventionalized forms. These forms have never been adequately catalogued or historicized, and yet they regulate academic practice. While disciplinary definitions and discussions often focus on methods, we ask, what forms does academic work take concretely today, in teaching and research, in writing, verbally, and digitally, institutionally and publicly, and why? How will these older forms (have to) change to retain or create anew the societal relevance of the humanities? How can and should humanities scholars understand the forms of their work autonomously and in relation to other disciplines, and how do these forms themselves structure humanities work?

This blog is a place to record some of our work-in-progress, thinking, and activities.

If you would like to get involved, or have questions, get in touch at:

Rebecca Roach, r.roach[at]bham.ac.uk